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Statistics from the uks publishers association from 2017 that show sales of childrens books grew by 16%. British authors have many selfpublishing services to choose from, each of which offers different levels of editorial and legal assistance. Friendly personal service a simplified process for getting published massive publishing and self publishing experience since 1982 specialist experience of self publishing in the uk market. The nonfiction specialists of penguin random house, ebury is one of the uks leading nonfiction publishers. Selfpublishing my nonfiction as ebooks makes sense books. Writing non fiction is different than fiction, so dont follow generic self publishing advice.

Oneworld publications was founded in 1986 by husband and wife team juliet mabey and novin doostdar as an independent publishing house focusing on stimulating nonfiction. How to selfpublish your nonfiction book home pcmag uk. Icon books is an independent publisher of thoughtprovoking non fiction. Although nonfiction encompasses such a wide range of book types, from histories and biographies to textbooks and technical publications, weve probably got experience of working with your publishing genre. We publish science, history, politics, philosophy, psychology, humour and much else besides. Find out how to get published including help on getting started, literary agents, self publishing, vanity publishing and more. Nonfiction book publishers, publishing nonfiction, nonfiction. The reason i decided to start with nonfiction rather selfpublish a novel is that. After writing more than 20 books, with major publishers behind them, i have. Selfpublishing my nonfiction as ebooks makes sense. With genre fiction, selfpublishing can turn you into a successful author if you can build a platform, if you.

Selfpublishing my nonfiction as ebooks makes sense having registered that digital is the busy end of the business, i realised i could do more, and faster, on my own anthony hayward. With over 105,000,000 books in print, is your goto resource to learn how to become a self published author. Traditional publishing is the only way to go for someone who writes literary fiction. Get in touch today to talk about getting your book published. How to publish and sell a non fiction book or ebook ebook. Self publishing uk childrens nonfiction newgeneration. Independent book publishing services self publishing uk. As experienced nonfiction publishers we can help you have full control over all aspects of publication. Writing nonfiction is different than fiction, so dont follow generic selfpublishing advice. It strikes me that selfpublishing a book on selfpublishing is a bit like. By selfpublishing, you can get your book into the hands of readers immediately and build a following for your work. As experienced nonfiction publishers, the choir press understands the many opportunities for selfpublishing nonfiction, particularly if you are writing for a specialised market. Heres exactly what you need to know to self publish your next book.

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